2015 Goals

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, per se. I’m not really sure when or why I stopped, but never in my adult life have I been into that sort of thing. This year, however, I’ve decided to create some goals for the year. I refuse to call them resolutions. I figure I can get away with that since I came up with them in February, and I’m posting them in March :). So, here we go.

3 Quantifiable Goals

Move 500 miles

I was a runner, once

I used to run! And bike! And then, for various reasons of dubious legitimacy, I stopped. But I want to start again. Basically I just want to move more in general, without the pressure of races or events or things like that. So I’ve decided to set a mileage goal. 500 miles breaks down to a little under 10 miles a week. I’ve decided to count walking, running, biking, and elliptical miles towards this goal (keeping in mind that I’m not biking any centuries over here, I usually max out around 15 miles outside and 8 miles on a stationary bike). For me, this is a completely doable goal that’s still going to be a little bit of a challenge. I hope.

Eliminate small debts

Due to a few extenuating circumstances in the past year or so, we are carrying slightly more debt than we’re comfortable with – specifically the credit card variety. While it is WELL below the national average for credit card debt, it’s still awful to have hanging over our heads.

For the sake of privacy and my family, I’m not going to lay out any real numbers here. But I will speak in terms of percentage. For example, since setting this goal at the beginning of the year, we have already reduced our load by 60%. Which is great! And which leads us to…

Build savings

So how do we ensure that we don’t fall into the credit card debt trap again? Savings! We HAD savings, until a few unhappy events last year forced us to empty the proverbial piggy banks. Due to those events, I’ve spent some time reevaluating how much was “enough” savings. Basically, we had enough savings in the bank to cover one emergency. But life is rarely that fair, right? One has to assume that if you have to make a late Friday night trip to the emergency vet, life will also throw a cracked windshield at you. Or a human medical emergency. Or a home repair. Or SOMETHING.

Again, I won’t use real numbers, so let’s speak in algebraic terms (sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, hah). In the past, we were comfortable when we had $X in savings. Now, after careful reevaluation and some tinkering with worst case scenarios, I’ve decided that we really need $5X. Seeing as it’s currently less than 20% of the way into 2015 and we’re already at $X, I think we’re going to be ok.

3 Fluffy Goals

Improve our garden

Our side yard

We have lived in our house for almost exactly 2 years. Each summer my mom would make the trek from Minnesota to Missouri to visit, and inevitably she would spend the majority of the visit attempting to make something of the hot mess we called a yard. Because of her, we have an adorable herb garden, tomatoes, hostas, and a somewhat doomed raspberry vine, among other things. We are SO grateful for her help, and this year we have decided to strike out alone and turn our yard into a vegetable and flower wonderland. The seeds are ordered, and there is no turning back now. Stay tuned!

Fix my wardrobe

Simple: I want to be able to reach into my closet with my eyes closed, pull out an item of clothing at random, be happy to wear it, and have the items necessary to turn it into an outfit. 100% of the time. I’ve already done the part where I remove everything I am NOT excited to wear, now it’s just a matter of filling all the holes back in to make it functional.

Make our home more inviting and functional

We’ve owned our house for two years now, and it’s still shocking to me how much there is left to do. When we moved in, our house (a basic 60’s-era brick ranch) had been freshly gutted + renovated, with all off white walls, all beige carpet, and a new kitchen and master bath. The only room that had any character left was the guest bathroom, which (aside from a fresh coat of off white paint) was untouched (and sporting some pretty fantastic purple accent tiles). I have (with the blessing of my husband) been working diligently to turn this bland beige thing into something that actually reflects who we are. It’s looking leagues better, but there’s still quite a ways to go.

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