The Easiest Desk Breakfast Ever


Honestly, I could have called this post a lot of things. My options included:

  • How to make 5 breakfasts in 3 minutes
  • How to make 5 breakfasts for $1.25!
  • How to make a week’s worth of 200 calories breakfasts
  • How to make a super portable breakfast in adorable mason jars
  • How to make a heart healthy, potentially gluten free breakfast that still tastes good

…but I went with Easiest Desk Breakfast Every because that’s what appeal to me most. I always eat breakfast at my desk at work (for a variety of ridiculous reasons). It’s just how I function best. I’ve tried to eat at home before I leave, but it just does not work for me. If it works for you, great! Fantastic! You would get along great with my husband, who cooks himself a hot breakfast every morning. But that’s not me. I eat at my desk, and I have been experimenting with different meal options for (what feels like) forever. I did nutrigrain bars for a while. I’ve gone the screw-it-I’m-buying-a-donut route. I’ve tried a certain Mr. Egg McMuffin. I’ve tried making my OWN Egg McMuffins. But by and large every option was either too time consuming, too expensive, or too calorie-rich.

The only thing that stuck for any length of time was buying a crapton of instant oatmeal packets, storing them in my desk, then making oatmeal every morning in a coffee mug. This sucked for a few reasons. One, instant oatmeal is either really sweet or really meh. I don’t want a super sweet breakfast OR a meh breakfast. Two, it left me with a gross oatmeal covered mug to deal with – did I wash it at work, with the super gross sink sponge (only to dishwasher it again at home), or did I throw it in my purse and pray it didn’t make anything else gross?  Three, it rankled me to know I was paying a premium for what was essentially oats and sugar (2 of the cheapest things at the grocery store).

But this weekend, I had an epiphany. I could make my OWN instant oatmeal… and I could package it so that I was left with ONE dish that was easy to transport, heat up, and clean.

You just need FOUR THINGS to make this awesome office desk breakfast!

  1. Mason jars (mine are 8oz wide mouth jars I found at my grocery store in a 12 pack)
  2. Your base – quick cooking oatmeal. It needs to be the quick cooking or instant variety, otherwise it’s going to take a heck of a lot longer to cook up at meal time.
  3. A sweetener – I recommend brown sugar (C&H, specifically!)
  4. A special extra – In this recipe I use mini chocolate chips. They’re delicious in oatmeal – they get all melty and swirl in when you mix it up.


Once you have all of those things, it will take you LESS THAN 3 MINUTES to assemble all of your breakfasts for the week. That’s faster than pulling into a gas station to buy a crappy donut (and definitely faster than going out of your way to that one awesome donut shop, although I will only judge you for doing that if you do not bring me a donut, too). Trust me. I’ve timed it. Plus this way you get all the awesome benefits of oatmeal AND chocolate with none of the guilt and sugar hangover of that donut.

Mason Jar Oatmeal

by The Jess Mess

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 2 minutes

Keywords: breakfast

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • Quick oats (½ C per jar – so you’ll need 2 ½ cups for a normal week)
  • Brown Sugar (1 tsp per jar)
  • Mini chocolate chips (1 tsp per jar)


Assembly Directions:

Line up your mason jars with their tops off (scandalous!)

Dump ½ C quick oats into each jar (a funnel or just a piece of wax paper rolled into a cone might help with this step)

Add 1 tsp sugar to each jar

Add 1 tsp mini chocolate chips to each jar

Put the lids back on the jar


Cooking Directions:If you have a microwave:

Fill the mason jar about ¾ full of water. Check the side – there should be a handy 6 oz line on the side. That’s the ¾ mark!

Give it a good stir to make sure the water got all the way down to the bottom

Pop it in the microwave for about a minute on high. Watch it like a hawk to make sure it doesn’t cook over! If it does, it’s done. If it needs more time, go ahead and give it another 30 seconds.


If you have a hot water setting on your office water cooler:

Fill the mason jar about ¾ full of water. Check the side – there should be a handy 6 oz line on the side. That’s the ¾ mark!

Give it a good stir to make sure the water got all the way down to the bottom


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How can I make it more interesting?

Besides mixing it up with the extras, you might try adding in some cinnamon. I used cinnamon sugar instead of brown sugar in my last batch, and it was pretty awesome.

What, you don't keep your cinnamon sugar in an old basil jar?
What, you don’t keep your cinnamon sugar in an old basil jar?

Another thing I would recommend would be adding a dash of salt to each jar. Literally take your salt shaker and give it one good shake over the jar. Then stop! This will enhance the flavors you’ve already got going on in there.

Price breakdown per serving:

Oatmeal:   $0.22

Sugar:   $0.01

Mini Chocolate Chips:   $0.03

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